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QTI Services for the Fortune 1000

Who QTI Serves

QTI works directly with executives and senior management of Fortune 1000 companies, generally at the vice-presidential or directorial level. We also work with project management offices (PMO or PO), and managers of major projects. When these companies want to improve project management or improve processes and teamwork to achieve high-quality results, they turn to QTI.

Breakthrough improvements in process require a change to corporate culture. As people change the way we think, the way we decide, and the way we work, we can get much better results—reduction of waste from levels as high as 40% down to 2 to 5%. This increases the chances of project success. The result is projects worth millions of dollars succeeding, instead of having all that money wasted, and other projects returning a high profit instead of barely squeaking by.

How QTI works with Fortune 1000 Companies

QTI contributes its best practices, methodology, training, and custom documentation services to the company's efforts to define and implement standard methods and best practices. The sooner we start working with you, the more effective (and less expensive) the effort will be. QTI helps you implement breakthrough improvements that last with it's five step method of process and cultural change.

  • Strategic Planning to set direction and establish executive leadership
  • Tactical Planning to set a course for implementation and get everyone involved
  • Training so that everyone knows how to do his or her own job in the new way
  • Measurement and Incentives so that people are rewarded for effective work
  • Feedback so that the teams and the company make the process their own, changing the way that they work and making the change stick.

QTI will help you design and implement the program, working with your staff and other vendors.

QTI Services for Fortune 1000 Companies

When QTI works with large companies, we cooperate with executive management to find how our skills fit into the bigger picture of your plans. Typically, we do the following:

· Participate in or facilitate planning of major project management and quality management improvement initiatives, such as the establishment of a project management office (PMO or PO), or the creation of a new life cycle
· Design and delivery of custom training that integrates PMI standards and best practices with your internal standards and methods
· Writing of project management manuals and standards customized to your company
· Research for benchmarking and best practices for project management and quality management

To learn more, send a message from the Contact QTI Page.

Case Study: Project Management Training Integrates Corporation After Merger

The Challenge. A Fortune 500 energy utility was created by the merger of two companies in two different California cities about 300 miles apart. The two information technology teams had very different ways of working. The company wanted to ensure project success and reduce costs by developing and deploying one standard methodology, but did not have a training course or instructor.

QTI Services. QTI was asked to provide core project management training for over 250 IT managers in two California cities. The company was the result of a recent merger, and the two teams had very different ways of working. QTI combined its Project Success: Project Management for IT Professionals class with the customer's system development life cycle (SDLC), creating a custom training manual and course. We also advised them on their life cycle, providing improvements by comparing it to the results of our best practices research. Over the course of about 18 months, all managers, project managers, and team leaders were trained in the new methods. The classes were practical and used actual examples from their current work. Suggestions from the class were brought back to the project management office and used to improve the company's methodology. Students were highly motivated to learn the material because each class was kicked off by a top executive who stressed that use of the methods in the class would be the basis of performance bonuses.

The result. The entire team of 250 managers and their staff became a single, effective group developing innovative solutions that were used inside the company, distributed to affiliates, and sold worldwide, making the company a recognized leader in its field around the globe.

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