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QTI Services for Government, Education, and the Not-for-Profit Sector

Who We Serve

QTI serves Federal, state, and local government agencies, institutes of higher education, school districts, and large not-for-profit organizations who want to define their missions and achieve their goals. If you are in executive management and want to develop proactive leadership and set new directions, we'd be honored to help you serve your constituency.

How QTI Works With You

QTI offers the same services to the public sector that we offer the Fortune 1000, only at a considerably reduced rate. We interview you and your team to define the most important objectives and issues, then design a custom solution that uses your staff with QTI in a support role. We leverage your organization's experience and help you transform it into expertise.

QTI Services for Government, Education, and Not-for-Profit Organizations

We facilitate strategic planning, develop project plans, provide project management training, and conduct leadership development programs.

  • Facilitation of strategic planning meetings. Working with your leadership team or with your entire management team, we help you define vision, mission, and values, and then bring that down to prioritized objectives that can be implemented through projects.
  • Training in project management. We can train your entire management staff and your team leaders to get it done right! We customize our core project management training to your institution, then deliver the classes at your site, usually in a two-day or three-day lecture format with class exercises.
  • Project management consulting. We can help you perform initial planning, kick off a major project or program, or rescue a project in trouble.

If you are interested in these services, please Contact QTI

Case Study 1: Project Rescue

The Crisis. A Federal agency was rolling out 3,000 new computers to all employees in two office towers. Halfway through the deployment, they discovered they were in big trouble. Half of the computers didn't work at all. The other half had numerous problems. QTI had helped with planning an earlier project and provided training, so they called us for an Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V), a diagnosis of what was going wrong.

How QTI worked with the team. QTI was both cooperative and independent. We worked cooperatively with the consulting firm and government staff to define problems and propose solutions. At the same time, we prepared a report of all issues to the government that was independent and unbiased. In two weeks, Sid Kemp, President and Senior Consultant for QTI, identified 22 major issues, and the team resolved several of them and started working on the rest. Over the next three months, the team of government workers and consulted completed the recommendations in QTI's report and delivered the project successfully.

Results. A project with a budget of over $3,000,000 that would have been a total loss was rescued for a cost of under $20,000. In addition, the new cooperative work approach improved the relationship between the agency and its computer services vendor for the next several projects, including a crucial Y2K deployment.

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