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QTI Tools for Managers and Project Managers

Who QTI Serves

QTI's Get It Done Right! products and services are for any manager with a team who wants to get a job done. Whether you work in a large office, or have a small company of your own, whether your team works with computers, with paper, or with machines, QTI products and services will help you solve problems and improve your processes. You will learn to create and sustain a team that works together to deliver high-quality results on time and under budget.

How QTI works with Managers and Project Managers

I believe that you and your team are already expert at what you do. That expertise comes from your experience. I help managers and teams review their own experience and clarify the issues and problems you face. Becoming part of the team, I help you define your opportunities and your problems clearly, and define a solution.

Our key tools include:

  • The no-blame environment. Anger, criticism, and blame don't help the team or the bottom line. I share methods of eliminating blame, focusing on a clear understanding of the real issues with realistic optimism and cooperative teamwork.
  • Gap analysis. Any problem or issue can be defined as a gap between where we are and where we want to be. First we define where we are, then we define where we want to be, and then we plan a course from one to the other. This works for growing a business by realizing a new opportunity, solving a problem with a project, or improving individual or team skills by training your team or hiring new people.
  • A coaching approach to management. People tend to do what their bosses expect of them. So, I'll show you how to expect the best from your team—and help them achieve it.
  • Modeling leadership. As I use these tools with you, and teach you to use them with your team, we share leadership and self-management tools so that the whole team moves up together.

You can learn these tools through our free downloads and free Get It Done Right! electronic newsletter, through purchasing books and other products, or by having me provide consulting, coaching, and training services customized for your team.

Get It Done Right! Products

The project management tools focus on unique, one-time jobs that require their own plans. Other tools, such as our free ??MeetingManagement guide and my book, Perfect Solutions for Difficult Employee situations, focus on helping you develop your team. Click here to see all our products and free downloads

QTI Services for Managers and Project Managers

I create custom solutions for my clients, including:

  • Project Management Consulting. I can help you and your team define and kick off a new project, or rescue one that seems to be in trouble.
  • Leadership Consulting and Facilitation. I can help you and your team with strategic planning, including the development of vision, mission, and values.
  • Project Management Training. I can provide standard or customized training in project management, so that everyone on your team will learn how to get it done right! and you will self-management and develop customer service within your team.
  • Process Quality Improvement. Drawing on methods from my book, Quality Management Demystified, I help you and your team change the way you work so that you change the results you get. Work smart for a better bottom line by preventing mistakes and developing a cycle of continuous improvement.

Because every company is unique, I work with each new client to plan a solution. If you're interested, go to the contact page and send me a message for a free consultation.

Case Study 1: Project Management Brings Profit

The Opportunity and the Problem. A medium-sized engineering company in Virginia had a computer services division in trouble. The department was originally designed to provide computer support inside the company. The good news was that their clients had asked them to provide computer services, so they had a chance to make money from a former cost center. The bad news, however, was that they couldn't even keep their own company's computer's running.

How QTI helped. QTI provided these services:

  • Initial consultation. At no charge, QTI consulted with the departmental manager to define the opportunity and the problem, and outline a solution.
  • Team training in project management. Sid Kemp, President and Senior Consultant of QTI, came to the client and trained the computer services team in project management. Each team member learned how to manage his or her own work, planning, doing the work, and delivering results. Managers and team leaders learned how to plan and manage entire projects and lead their teams to success. QTI provided an inexpensive, customized, highly effective two-day training.
  • Design of the new department. QTI consulted with the department managers to design the new department. QTI took their initial outline and created a design of a new department and a project plan to create the department.
  • Consulting leadership. QTI provided ongoing consulting to key managers. With our help, the managers defined their entire set of computer systems, solved current problems within the company, and began to make money providing computer services for clients.

Results. Before this company engaged QTI, the computer services department was a major cost center for the company, and email systems were unreliable. Things had gotten so bad that the prior department managers were asked to leave, and the new managers were told that if they did not solve the problems in short order, they would be out, too. At the end of the contract, the company's own email and computer systems were reliable and fully documented. Also, the computer services division was fulfilling several contracts that brought net revenue into the company, making the department a profit center. The managers not only kept their jobs, they were also highly appreciated by senior management.

Case Study 2: Leadership and Values Development

The Opportunity and the Problem. The head of a department of about 20 people saw an opportunity to help his team of auditors and inspectors provide greater value to the government agency they served. In addition, the team had occasionally been challenged regarding the appearance of impropriety. The department head felt that if the team could define it's own values and update its vision statement, it would be beneficial.

QTI Services. Sid Kemp, President and Senior Consultant of QTI, came in as a facilitator for an inexpensive half-day brainstorming session. We introduced the idea that it is valuable to define your values clearly as a team and be able to share them with others. The team brainstormed over 20 ideas, and put together notes towards a new values statement, plus a revision of its vision and mission. Over the next few weeks, with free assistance from QTI by email, the team completed its new vision, mission, and values statement. This statement guides them in their daily work, and also defines what they can do in unusual situations, such as when they are asked not just to determine compliance with regulations, but to recommended changes to regulations and policies based on their own research.

Results. The new mission statement is distributed as part of the departmental literature, and is part of the ongoing training of the team. New team members come in regularly through rotation. The new vision, mission, and values statement reduces the cost of training and increases the speed at which new team members become effective. The statement also protects the team members in cases where they might be accused of impropriety or misconduct, as they can explain their actions based on an official document, and the training they received in the creation of that document. Lastly, the process of coming together to define their own vision and values helped a team of very diverse individuals increase their respect for one another and their ability to work together.

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