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Small Business - Who QTI Serves

QTI serves small businesses with big dreams and big problems.

Our clients know that success means delighting customers and working smarter, not harder. But, when we first meet, they don't always know how to do that. Taking advantage of QTI's Get It Done Right! toolkit, our clients learn to realize opportunities and remove roadblocks.
Does your company look like this?

  • Always putting out fires, and never getting ahead. Work just seems to be one crisis after another.
  • Too many projects, and nothing ever gets done. You know what you have to do, but the work never gets planned, or it gets planned, but never gets done.
  • Just taking care of the bottom line takes all of your time. Times are lean, and there's no time for anything except the bottom line.
  • You want to get more done, but your team just won't pick up the ball. The team works for the paycheck, but doesn't share your dreams. They say you don't delegate. You say, "I haven't seen that you can do the job."
  • What you do now isn't working, but you don't know where to go next. Customers and technology are changing. And you know your business needs to change, too. But you don't know how to figure out exactly what to do, and you don't want to make the wrong choice.

If your company faces challenges like these, you're not alone. Like many small business owners and managers, you just need to learn how to Get it done right!

QTI's Get It Done Right! program isn't for everyone. Businesses that succeed with our approach have these things in common:

  • Willing to learn and work in new ways. One definition of insanity is to do the same thing and expect different results. At QTI, when we want change, we're willing to change.
  • Willing to learn from what doesn't work. We all make mistakes. Those of us who can say, "I made a mistake. What did I learn?" are ready not to make the same mistakes over and over. Working smarter, they succeed.
  • Willing to call a problem a problem. At some companies, people hide their problems, talking about "issues." What do you do with an issue? "Resolve it." What does that mean? Nobody knows! Let's talk straight. If today you can say, "I've got a problem," then tomorrow you can say, "I solved that problem. Now I'm ready for what comes next."
  • Willing to learn from the best. Some people say, "I have to learn this for myself." I understand the feeling—but experience shows it's not a good way to stay in business.
  • Willing to make it your own. OK, this sounds like it contradicts the last point. But trust me, it doesn't. The key to your own, unique, small business success is: Learn from the best, and make it your own. Isn't that what every great athlete and artist does? You can do it, too.

So pick up your dream, and Get it done right!

Now that you've seen the kinds of people we work with, click here to learn how we help our clients Get it done right!

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