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Small Business - How QTI Works With You

Starting where you are

Hi. I'm Sid Kemp, President of QTI. I hope this page will give you a feeling of how I work with my clients and students in my classes. When I meet a new client, I ask two questions:

  • What are your three biggest opportunities?
  • What are your three biggest problems?

When I hear the answers, I get to know where you, as a business owner or manager, are right now. What concerns you? What language do you use to think about your business? What do you think your next step is?

Generally, answers fall into a few categories. Whatever I hear, I work with you where you are. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • "I really don't know what our opportunities and problems are." In that case, I say, "Your first project is to find out!" If you say this, I help you see exactly what matters most—to your dreams or to your bottom line.
  • "We need to grow." Or, "We need new markets." Or, "We need to solve our productivity problems." When I hear something like this, I know that the person needs some support to get focused. The camera is pointed in the right direction, but the lens is set to the wrong distance. The picture is fuzzy. The idea needs to be sharpened so that we can know what the problem is and then plan a solution. Let's see how one common phrase, "We need to grow," might have many different meanings.

    New client: We need to grow.
    Sid: What do you mean by "grow"?
    New client: We have only one major client. If we lose that company, we're in real trouble.
    Sid: So you need more clients. What does your one client like about you? How could you find more clients who want the same thing?

    . . . or . . .

    New client: We need to grow.
    Sid: What do you mean by "grow"?
    New client: We just aren't selling enough to meet expenses each month.
    Sid: So you need to sell more. Could you sell more to your current customers? Or do you need to find new customers? Or, maybe you could cut costs and not need to grow.

    . . . or . . .

    New client: We need to grow.
    Sid: What do you mean by "grow"?
    New client: We're busting at the seams. There's no room for a third of our staff.
    Sid: So you need a bigger building. Or maybe people could work from home? Or maybe it's time to open a second location?

    In simple conversations like this, my clients take a big first step toward Getting it done right! They begin to define the problem. It's like going to a doctor. If we're not willing to say what hurts, we're going to end up getting the wrong treatment. But if we name the symptoms, we can find the cause. If we can find the cause, we can fix the cause.

  • A clear opportunity, but not knowing how to get there. A client named Jim came to me and said, "I need a new name for my company, but I don't know how to pick it." In a case like this, I point out that clients already know a lot of what they need to know, but they don't know it all. Jim knew what his company did, but he didn't know how to name a company. So we put our heads together. He had an idea and I knew how to name things. 17 minutes later, his company had a great name. If you want to see it, go to www.peoplesmarttools.com.
  • A clear problem, and no solution in sight. In that case, we open up the Get It Done Right! toolkit, cut the problem down to size, and serve up a solution.

What you can expect

Get It Done Right! is clear, practical project management for your company. I work with you in a friendly, supportive way, to bring out your best. We get focused, we remove roadblocks, and you and your team succeed. When working with QTI, you can expect:

  • A clear definition of your problems and opportunities
  • A plan that starts where you are, and gets you where you want to be, step by step in the right order, affordably and at a reasonable pace.
  • Support as you plan, do, and follow through to Get it done right!
  • The highest-quality communication, feedback, and customer service every step of the way.

Our values

QTI wants to work with clients who share our values: We value our customers-your experience is expertise. We know that you are the expert in your own business, and we help you leverage that expertise.

Respect QTI believes that each person and organization is unique, and each of us should be encouraged to set our own direction.
Service QTI seeks to benefit its customers, its team, society, and the world that sustains us.
Innovation QTI helps clients solve problems and take advantage of opportunities through innovative methods and creative problem solving, and supports clients seeking creative solutions and avenues.
Teamwork QTI believes that people and organizations communicating well and working together harmoniously can get more done than we can working alone.
Integrity QTI guarantees what we do, and we stand up for our successes, and own our mistakes and learn from them.
Shared success QTI believes that the only goal worth striving for is a goal that benefits everyone involved.

The Get It Done Right! approach

Get It Done Right! is project management you can really use. In my books, articles, consulting, and training, I put project management into plain language. Then we apply simple methods to your situation—taking you from where you are to where you want to be. The key is teamwork. I provide support so that you can make your team more effective. You become a more effective leader, and your team learns how to get it done right! with you at the helm.

Our uniqueness

What makes QTI different is the way we focus on the expertise you and your team already have. We help you work smarter, instead of doing the work for you.

Many consultants offer either canned solutions with a one-size-fits-all mentality, or expensive services where they do all the work for you. QTI has found a better, cheaper approach. You are already experienced. You also have some expertise. We help you figure out what your gaps are, and teach you how to close those gaps. You become able to lead your team and get everything running smoothly. The first time around the track, you'll need a little help from us. The second time, less. Eventually, you and your team are running on your own, and QTI is in the background—your pit crew just in case things break down, your coach for when you are ready to try something new. We save you money by making you and your team more effective.

Call to action—Products and services

QTI's Get It Done Right! package has plenty of books, products, and services to fit your budget and get you started right now with project management you can really use. Click here to see the Get It Done Right! Products and Services page.

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