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Practical Project Management for Small Businesses

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I've written four books for people who want to Get it done right! Each one is practical and down to earth. The books are filled with step-by-step instructions, tips, and examples.

The following books are available on Amazon.com, click title to purchase.

Entrepreneur Magazine's Ultimate Guide to Project Management for Small Business Entrepreneur Magazine's Ultimate Guide to Project Management for Small Business: Get It Done Right! This guide is truly ultimate, with over 400 pages of practical tools and methods, covering the why, how, who, what, where, when, whether, and how much of getting things done in a small business. You'll learn how do define the projects your business needs to succeed, and how to figure out which one to do first. You'll learn how to define a goal, build a team, and plan, do, and follow through to success. I left nothing out, and threw in a CD-ROM full of tools for small business success.
Quality Management Demystified Quality Management Demystified is available now. In terms of Getting it done right, project management focuses on getting it done. Quality management is about getting it done right! For thousands of years, people have been creating beautiful and enduring things. For the last century, we've been trying to figure out how to do quality work consistently. This book covers that exciting history, making all of the ideas and movements of quality management clear, and providing practical guidelines for improving processes in your business.
Project Management Demystified Project Management Demystified explains project management in clear, simple language. Focusing on the system development life cycle (SDLC), this book shows you how to organize work over time to ensure success. You will learn many methods of planning and estimation, and be able to take projects—even long, complicated ones—all the way through to success.
Project Management for Small Business Made Easy Project Management for Small Business Made Easy will be coming out in early 2006. It is a straightforward, step-by-step guide to planning, doing, and delivering a single project. You'll find out what your customers want, define your goal, build a good team of good people, and keep their work on track so that you deliver top-quality results on time and within budget. You’ll learn how to avoid all the common causes of project failure—poor goal definition, insufficient planning, poor communication, and lack of attention to risk factors. In one short book, you'll learn to cover all the bases recommended by the Project Management Institute. Project success makes a big difference—especially for a small business.

White Papers

I once offered Project Management Demystified to my accountant, and he asked how long it was. When I told him it was over 250 pages, he said he needed something shorter. If you're as busy as he is, then we have two things just for you:

  • The Practical Project Management Series includes inexpensive white papers that fully explain methods such as meeting management, and also provide practical tools so that you can get right to work Getting It Done Right!
  • The QTI Advanced White Paper Series covers topics from Project Review and Project Disaster Recovery to Demystifying Quality: Understanding Quality Management and Applying It to Ensure Project Success. Each of these tools explains the theory clearly and then shows how you can solve practical problems.

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  • The Get It Done Right! Teleseminar Series. These information-packed teleseminars walk you through topics from Entrepreneur Magazine's Ultimate Guide to Project Management for Small Business. From strategic planning to practical problem solving to delivering customer delight, you'll learn what you need to make your business work. Imagine sitting down with a book and having the author coach you through making the book work for you—that's what my teleseminars can do.
  • Custom training for you and your team. Project management training can pull a small business, a department, or a project team together. You'll learn to speak the same language as we define your goals, teach customer service within the team, and learn together how to deliver delight to your customers.
  • Coaching for small business owners, executives, and managers. Are you ready to make your dreams real? Do you want to lead your team more effectively? If so, we can design a custom program that will define your strengths and your growth areas. In the first one to three sessions, you'll define the issues you want to tackle. You'll set your own goals, and I'll guide you to the steps of self-improvement that will help you lead your team (or yourself—your team of one) and take your business to lasting success.
  • Project planning, review, and rescue consulting. Are you launching a difficult project? I'll be happy to help you get going in the right direction. Or has a project gotten bogged down in the middle? If so, I'll get you unstuck and moving toward success.

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